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Frequently Asked Questions

What file types do you accept?

For the best results, we highly recommend submitting vector artwork in the following file types. .eps - Encapsulated PostScript
.ai - Adobe Illustrator
.pdf Vector images will allow us to scale your artwork to any size without a loss in quality or color accuracy. Vector artwork is also required for any project involving dimensional signage or contour cutting. We also accept rasterized images (tiff, jpg, png, bmp). If these types of images are submitted not to scale there may be a loss of quality if we are required to enlarge the artwork. This will result in your final product looking pixelated, or "fuzzy." Saving a rasterized image as one of our recommended file types does not make it a vector graphic.

How should I send you my artwork?

We accept up to 20MB files via email here. If your file is larger than 20MB, we can provide you with a Dropbox folder to upload your artwork into. If you already have a cloud folder set up please include a link to your artwork in your email to us when starting a project. To provide the most accurate color for your printed artwork, we ask that all files come to us in CMYK or PMS colors. We do accept RGB files, but a shift in color may happen during the printing process with this type of file.

Can you match colors?

Color matches need to be requested at the start of every project to allow for enough time to test print and schedule customer approval times. If your project requires specific color matching, please include the Pantone (PMS) color in the details when submitting your project. If color matching is not specified then we will assume matching the exact color is not required.